Northern Territory Flights
Please contact or call 03 9859 7337 for your preferred flight times

Please note that flights cannot be changed on the day of departure and changes made prior to departure day will incur a fee plus any fare difference. If you need to make changes to your flights prior to departure day please contact Paul Stevens at MP Events on 03 9859 7337 or via email

Disclosure Authorisation
To comply with the transparency obligations as set out in the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, UCB are required to seek your permission to report transfers of value (including professional fees, travel, accommodation and any out-of­ pocket expenses), regardless of whether such payment is made directly to you or passes through a separate legal entity, on an individual or an aggregated basis. UCB seeks your consent to disclose/publish the following personal information about you on the UCB website:
• Your name and profession
• Your business/practice address
• A description of the event
• The amount of air travel, accommodation costs and registration fee paid by UCB for you to attend this event

Your personal information will be handled at all times in accordance with UCB’s Data Privacy Policy.

If you do not tick either box above, you do not consent to UCB publishing this information on our website.

A letter confirming all of the above requirements, flight and transfer arrangements (if applicable) will be sent prior to the meeting
If you have any queries please email Paul Stevens or call 03 9859 7337

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: In accordance with the Code of Conduct for the prescription medicines industry in Australia, any cost (for example travel or meals) incurred by a partner/spouse travelling with a healthcare professional must not be paid for or subsidised by UCB.
Hospitality at this event can only be extended to the invited healthcare professional. UCB Australia will disclose online, the cost of all travel, accommodation and registration fees provided for this meeting in a report that (with their consent) will include the names of the attendees.
Attendees are responsible for obtaining approval to receive and/or disclose hospitality as required by their employer or professional association.

DECLARATION of PRIVACY: MP Events acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. The information requested is being collected and held by MP Events for the purpose of processing this request only. Your information will only be disclosed to third parties for the purposes of making bookings and reservations on your behalf and for confirming to UCB Australia Pty Ltd that such bookings have been made. Please direct any enquiries you may have in reference to this matter to MP Events on (03) 9859 7337.
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